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I’ve been again at the hospital yesterday, for my skin condition that became worst over the last week. (Aka, last drawn post with the red spots location thing)

(Under, skin condition and some more talk on financial issues)

According to the doctor - who was very nice and asked a lot of questions around the problem - the anxiety and stress I have with my financial and job statut mustn’t help. (Aka, red spots and itchiness are worst with stress) I should work very less to take time to hydrate my skin during the day and continue using the cortisone cream I was given away even though it doesn’t seem to have any effects. Also, he thinks it might be a HUGE allergic reaction and that I should check everything that I eat + everything that I am in contact with - anyhow this should help the dermatologist when I meet them and if I have to pass allergies tests - and I start taking Benadryl regular to sleep better is I have a itchy crisis.

I talked about it with my parents (Who are very worried) and they absolutely want to support me financially, at least until I have a dermatologist appointment ( Which I’m going to be call at most, 4-5 weeks from now since it’s an urgency) because i’ll have to work only on weekends or actually ask to have no job day until the appointment. 

Which I am not sure they will want to give me since the doctor give that away as an advice and not an actual medical paper to stop working - according to my parents I should just give up the part time job if they disagree for me to ask only for weekends; but at the moment - yes, my parents will help me comb the cap of my missing salary until I can sure or help my skin better - but I am supposed to have a important job interview / news but if that doesn’t come to be in august / September- I will have to work somehow, I don’t want to use too much of my parent’s money (Even though they seem happy and willingful to help me cure) nor never able to live off my commissions. 

I will see, I would like to try again to do freelancing my prior job, but I would have to be super conscious of my schedule. I’ll give you again some news, I am supposed to work tomorrow - I gotta talk to my boss.


I would also like to take just a few words to thank everyone who commented on my last drawn post and provided advices and support. Really appreciated - I can't ever thank you enough all.

Have a nice day !

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RebellingLemming Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your coloring is terrific and heart warming! The style is charismatic. Lighting is marvelous. Your arts just left me in dreaming state - perfect state! Creative and Great arts! Great artist skills!
KIMMON Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
what part of Canada do you live in? I am guessing Quebec.
CamilleDionBolduc Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
KIMMON Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
interesting....of course I am over on the Ottawa side...   
Aeolyx Featured By Owner May 22, 2015
Désolée si je suis fatiguante mais... t'est canadienne française? :D (j'ai une petite obsession par rapport à trouver d'autres canadiens sur dA alors quand ils sont francophones en plus!!) 
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