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Like the title said - I’ve been incredibly busy, but it’s soon over (Sadly, no permanent jobs or jobs for the beginning of the years are available where I am the moment.)
At first, my contract was supposed to be finished on October, but they needed us on another project right as we ended our contract. Now, I am supposed to be free around the 11th December, that may of course change according to the project’s ending and our workflow. ✨😚

Good news, I will finish now a little sooner and have longer evenings starting next week. That means more time to draw! I am really more productive in the week evenings rather than the weekends where I am mostly needed anywhere else (Chores, groceries and social life) and tend to play video games. Bad news, I will do overtime for some of those evenings and probably on weekends for the last two or three weeks. But hey! I’m not sad about it and will work more if I am needed since I love the job and all - but it will surely make me a lot tired and I won’t be able to be active as much on social medias / galleries (I am already a lot less, but even more specially if I only have a day free - only a day to turn around and do my chores, etc.) commissions won’t advance at all if I am too tired during theses last sprint weeks !

TLDR : Project is finishing on the 11th December, I’ll finish earlier on days that I don’t do overtime and try to draw and advance my commissions took in august when I left my shop job. But, I will probably be really inaccessible for that period of time. (No answering on comments, no streams for commissions, but I’ll try to look up gmail from time to time!)

I can’t say it enough, you guys always been a source of encouragement and I couldn’t be more happy if I could live off drawing for you all and be able to live a stress-free life by drawing and breathing art everyday. Thank you so much !


➖ Around Christmas, when my contract is over, I’ll think over what I wanna do with my life and all - I may be taking the rest of December to cool off or simply concentrate on job search for January or I may be retaking freelancing at full speed / capacity for the beginning of the year. I will see, since I had a breakdown and I wasn’t able to fully make money for my monthly budget - I may have to return to school or else… I need to think about it. I need to be stable, I am tired of not being able to do so in freelancing (Mostly because I am not able to maintain a stable schedule and and be able mentally to draw every day of the week.) and I don’t want to work at minimum salary all my life in a shop that I don’t like. I really want a career in my domain, but if I am not able to find one, I need to turn around presto and make the choices and decisions to be able to live with it - and most of all, be happy with. Wish me luck ! ➖


Commission list 📮

RaeThalis  RaeThalis (Monster Hunter themed commission - Paid.)
meekor  meekor (YCH - Inner Peace - Paid.)
DasWuetend  DasWuetend (YCH - Enjoy the Moment - Paid.)

EDIT 2 Sept. :

l3unnyl2abbit  l3unnyl2abbit (YCH - Room Tranquility - Cancelled - Refunded.)

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My TOS on commissions : camilledionbolduc.deviantart.c…
How YCH works : camilledionbolduc.deviantart.c…
My TOS on adoptables : camilledionbolduc.deviantart.c…



All my art is under the following Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND. This mean you are prohibited from reblog my art without giving the source, using it for any commercial purposes and make derivative works from it. Thank you !

I will report repost of my art on Tumblr, since all of what I do is already on tumblr. (Except 18+ commissions, but that is not up to you to upload them - it's up to the client) I will as well report any reblog of my art without my original comment or modification of it.


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ONEIRI Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Student General Artist
I cannot believe I'm only JUST discovering your gorgeous work love!!
Thanks for being so lovely *3*!!!
CamilleDionBolduc Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Aw gosh, thank you so much! I am flattered.
DameVulpes Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Student Writer
I'd like to ask:
What program(s) do you normally use?
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