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What program / tablet or setup do you use ?
I'm working on MAC - I uses a PTK-440 Wacom Tablet, Photoshop CS6, FireAlpaca.

Can I use your art ?
All my art is under the following Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND.
This mean you are prohibited from reblog my art without giving the source, using it for any commercial purposes and make derivative works from it.

This means I will be honoured you use my art in, per example, a banner, a signature or a blog background, as long as you give credits. (A link to here or on my tumblr for example) Although :

DO NOT use commissions unless you are the commissioner himself !
DO NOT sell / edit / retrace my art! You have being warned !

My terms and services on my commissions : camilledionbolduc.deviantart.c… I will refer to it if you commission me - so please read it.

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Yesterday I was all day on the verge of tears for some reasons… I felt stressed and anxious. My eczema on my hands was dreadful (Partially due to the anxiety I was feeling) and I couldn’t bring myself to work even if I tried. Later in the day - after a good old ” cry in the shower for an hour ” I finally felt better. I have impression that - when I am art blocked of I cannot draw for some reasons that bring me a lot of stress because I work on commissions and I have to work to bring the drawing since a client paid for it. It make me feel so bad to skip or take a day off because of a certain anxiety or my non-ability to draw that day.

But later that night, I talked to my boyfriend for a good two hours. It was mainly just crying - he’s stressed that since he’s in cooking studies - his job in summer and later - gonna tear up appart even more and I’m going to get more and more anxious since sometimes, he will not be there for a few days or in some evening (Where most of the time I have some crying issues / stress issues) I know he wants good of me, I know he want that I feel good and I stop having anxiety about finding a job - commissions - my eczema that just won’t go the fuck away but god… I don’t want to break up? Is that normal? I wanna live through this hard steps with him, just be able to be stronger and just be the fuck with him… because I love him and I wanna be there and see him grow in his cooking and his work! He doesn’t want to break up (Obviously, asked him and all - and frankly it was the first time I saw him and hear him sobbing like that - it was so painful) He told me he had think about it for a few months now - since I was very much in stress since January (Lost my job - my grandfather died and my eczema intensified) and he told me to think about it - I was so stressed and sobbing when he told me this that I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that the though of being single passed through my mind also a few times these last months, but that looked way to extreme to cure my anxiety. Plus I didn’t feel it would cure it entirely - instead more bringing an other pain to the list. 

And I do not want that of course - he does not either. We just moved to our appartement - we’re with two other persons but we are so happy we actually moved out together - it was a huge step for both of us (Leaving his mother for the first time - I left my twin sister) and we’re very happy of the place it’s just… I have the impression, the more he thinks about the future - he worries and he doesn’t want me to be in that… he’s afraid that his cooking work’s not gonna be enough good for the both for ever forming a family.

Now that I think of it… his own father left his mother because of his cooking job? He became depressed and financially in trouble and began drinking??? Oh my god I didn’t even though of that last night - it sort of just popped? Oh my gosh - anyway I - jesus christ do I have to talk to him again tonight - may have to stop commissions in April to get a job that will make me see more people - hopefully making go some anxiety away - and hopefully I will be less at home and more in a thigh schedule that would make me feel more like him and actually have some free time at the same moment.

It’s all speculations at the moment, but if I see my couple needs it - I’m gonna be away from the computer as much as I need (Of course I would tell it in advance in a journal) and be there for him - anyway when he will be home that is. I wanna be stronger and be able to support him the way he supported me all the way since January (It’s been really rough for me)

Anyhow - sorry about the rant it really fells good to let that some here. Plus - I really want to keep you up about me since that will affect my work.
I hope you are alright...

EDIT : There's also a bullying / harass matter I'm talking on my Tumblr…
I though it was only fair to post it here since it's talking about event in DA notes. 


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Thank you so much ! :peace:

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GalopaWXY Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Et voilà à force de voir des furries partout je commence à m'y mettre... et c'est carrément ta faute. (entre autres, bon)
Sauf qu'en fait c'est super dur de designer un furry x_x je suis partie avec une espèce de... chèvre ? Je crois ? :D
CamilleDionBolduc Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Personnellement, je pense que c'est pas si dur, enfin autant que des humains... c'est de la pratique j'imagine! :D
Et désolée de t'avoir contaminée haha je t'avoue que moi aussi à force de faire des dessins de furry, j'ai quaisiement  le gout de me faire un oc de moi en furry ; -  ;
GalopaWXY Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ben ça sert à ça non ? :D c'est fun de chercher une version furry de soi-même ! Tu n'en as pas déjà une ?
CamilleDionBolduc Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
J'ai quelques ocs furry, souvent que j'ai adopté sur FA et un particulièrement que je dessine de temps en temps qui me ressemble bien... mais vu que je suis pas furry pour le moment je ressens pas l'urgence de la modifier / de faire une sheet ou de la dessiner constament. :)
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ReenK Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
Happy birthday!! :party:
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