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What program / tablet or setup do you use ?
I'm working on MAC - I uses a PTK-440 Wacom Tablet, Photoshop CS6, FireAlpaca.

Can I use your art ?
All my art is under the following Creative Commons License: CC-BY-NC-ND.
This mean you are prohibited from reblog my art without giving the source, using it for any commercial purposes and make derivative works from it.

This means I will be honoured you use my art in, per example, a banner, a signature or a blog background, as long as you give credits. (A link to here or on my tumblr for example) Although :

DO NOT use commissions unless you are the commissioner himself !
DO NOT sell / edit / retrace my art! You have being warned !

Are you willing to be paid in DA points ?
Sorry, I cannot accept that. I can't pay anything with these for a living (Groceries, apartment) so if you ask; I'm going just to remind you this, or straight up ignore you. Sorry !

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A starting bid will be determined by me, and put in the description link and in the first comment below the auction. It must be announced by somebody who is interested in bidding - before any other bids (Must start somewhere ! ) It does count as a bid, the same bidder cannot both, start the auction and then bid over itself.
( EX : Starting bid is determined at 40 USD$, a bidder can announce either ''SB'' in comments, or the amount here 40 USD$ to start the auction. )


Any new bid must be NOT below a certain value + the other bid / starting bid before him.
( EX : Min. bidding is at 5 USD$. Previous bid is at 40 USD$, must increase at least 45 USD$ to continue / comment below that bidder ! )


AB is an price again, determined by myself, to buy automatically the sketch / concept. The price includes a completed picture (And more options depending on the bid) and [b]it skips the bidding process or stop it.[/b] A interested bidder can announce ''AB'' or ''Autobuy'' at any moment, except when the bidding himself, is now over the value of the autobuy.
( EX : Autobuy at 100 USD$, the bid is now at 45 USD$ and the next bidder comment ''AB''. The auction is stopped since it's been bought. )
( BAD EX : Autobuy at 100 USD$, the bid is now at 125 USD$ and the next bidder comment ''AB''. I will comment down the bidder to advertise the fault and will comment that the auction can go on since the AB option cannot be used anymore. )


Every YCH is timed, with a precise countdown, such as this one : I will also note in comment the given time, such as ''Two days and 5 hours'' or ''18H PM the 24 february 2015 (Québec EST hour)''. It's to give a basic idea of how many time the auction will be up, simply. After what, the highest bidder, or the AB bidder will be chosen (Depending on the case, see up in the rules)
Which brings me to the second point :


They're sort of part of the game, but since not everyone is in the same timezone; it isn't fair. For example, the bid finished in a minute and you bid quickly. No one can outbid you, because by the time you posted this; the auction is over. So : I will be there on the last five minutes of the bid to check closely if anyone outbid at last minutes. If that happens, I will redo the countdown to add 30 minutes to let the others bidders react. This can go on for a for a total of two hours (Four added sections of 30 minutes added to the auction time) and if the auction reach all the way to the added two hours, the bid will stop on the last countdown i've settle down. At the last countdown I will count bids until last minute (EX : Bid finishes at 19H, I will accept a bid until 18H59) (The added two hours will let time to bidders to react, but I can't let the auction opened up forever!)

I will also not accept AB, autobuy on last minute (Not fair) ! Please, if you want to AB, do it before the last 5 minutes.

( EX : Two minutes remains of the auction, a bidder A outbids the last highest bidder B. I will comment down the biddest B that he's been outbid and he have 30 minutes (Or anyone else) to outbid that last minute bid by bidder A.) Failure to do so, will make win the bidder A by default. If bidder B outbids again bidder A witting the given added time (30 minutes), not last minute, he will win (Or anyone else that outbid bidder A) If he outbid bidder A by last minute, an other countdown (+ more 30 minutes, again) will be announced so bidder A can react. )


Please only bid if you have the money to pay for the bids you make. Please do not bid if you're unsure about the amount of money you have or will have. This will only result in complications since I will have to move the winning bid to an other and forth.



1 Please do not hide your comments.
Mistakes happen and it's okay. But it's confusing as a bidder and an artist to see an hidden bid in an active auction, because it could be anything. Of course, outside of bidding you can hide your comments. (I don't mind!)

2 When the auction is over and you've won, I will comment down your last bid to inform you that you've won.
I will also tell you that I will need your email address (For paypal invoices) and informations about the concept / sketch I will complete for you. You can either, note me or comment down that answer to me. I will also leave my email address (GMAIL) to you if you prefer to settle that down outside of Furaffinity.

3 Failure to answer to me within a day (24 HOUR after bid ends) with a note / comment / mail will result in me move the winning bid to the second (Since you are inactive).
I will also ask for payment for the winning bid within [b]two days[/b]. Same applies to split winning bid (If I accept them in that auction) both partners must, either give the money in a same invoice (Made a transfer between partners before handling it to me) or pay separately within the two days period. If a partner fails to pay, I will refund the second partner and move the winning bid.

4 If you want absolutely to commission me but misses the funds at the moment or you are unsure of your budget, I can reserve you a spot in regular commission and I will keep it reserved until you are ready. Biddings can go high or low, but it's risk to take if you're thigh on budget and you may prefer a regular, fixed price to answer your needs.

Thank you so much !

Gamers 3 - YCH (OVER, SOLD) by CamilleDionBolducFjortis - Painted commission by CamilleDionBolducBambi. - Painted commission by CamilleDionBolduc

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  • Listening to: Byakkoya - Susumu Hirasawa (Paprika)
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Anywhere else / contact

LINKEDIN (Canada) : Camille Dion-Bolduc
PORTFOLIO (Construction) :


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